Its not about the Logo - Placebranding

So, if it’s not about ‘the logo’, what is it about?
Director Graeme Richardson recently joined the vibrant discussion on what it takes to create a successful place and destination brand at the International Place Branding Event Liverpool 2018 organised by Up There Everywhere.
Along with speakers from top city destinations such as Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Hamburg, Liverpool and more, this lively forum was designed to spark discussion and stimulate thought and debate.
Graeme spoke to the forum about how destinations in the north of Sweden have used innovation and relationships to grow.
The event is for both private and public professionals working with place and destination branding, marketing and communications. This includes cities, city districts, municipalities, regional and national governmental employees as well as consultants and academic institutions.


International business increases

International visitors increase in Luleå and the region - more than in the rest of Sweden. On Visit Luleå Presents Thursday 17 May, at. 15.30 you can listen to a conversation with Göran Widén, partner in Brändögruppen, on how we can continue to stimulate the current trend. We also offer live music, mingling and Afternoon tea. The number of seats is limited so sign up today!


Meeting our clients at Swedish Workshop

Director Göran Widen attended the Swedish Workshop with his Brändön Lodge and Pine Bay Lodge and TravelCo hats on and reported great meeting with our tour operator clients from around the world.


Midsummer at Jopikgården

We and many locals and some guests travelled out to Jopikgården today by boat to enjoy the Swedish midsummer fest. This is a culture experience like few other in Sweden and a great start to a summer experience in Swedish Lapland.


Theres a bear out there

Today we visited a bear hide in the forest near the Treehotel. Here you can spend an overnight in a fantastic cabin/hide, complete with bunk beds and viewing chairs and portals. With luck see a brown bear during the midnight light. This is the view from the viewing portal in the cabin.


Inspecting new properties

One of the best parts of our work is visiting great destinations in Swedish Lapland to inspect their viability. On this occasion we are out Stora Sjöfället.


Time out in the UK

While Directors Göran and Graeme were visiting the UK to train clients we took some time out to experience the local culture at a Liverpool vs West ham match. These training visits to our clients are very important to help ensure they and we can give our visitors the best possible experiences. The football is a bonus for us. :)

IMG_2632 (1)

Visiting UK clients with Icehotel

This week TravelCo and Icehotel have been visiting clients in the UK to update them on the latest news and information.


Aurora - Laponia World Heritage Area

Our Aurora Photographer Graeme Richardson captured this fantastic Aurora shot on a visit to the Laponia World Heritage Area in Swedish Lapland. Our Autumn Aurora tours are also a fantastic way to find the northern lights under slightly warmer conditions. Photo copy-right Graeme Richardson