Micro Destinations in Swedish Lapland
Swedish Lapland covers the northern most 25% of Sweden and is an area larger than Scotland. Within this large region there are a number of small fantastic micro destinations that we can help you find and enjoy. These destinations are in the main small villages where some of the worlds most unique accommodation and activities are part of the local way of Life.

All of these micro destinations can be a holiday in their own right but often our clients will plan with us a journey where they are able to visit two, three or more of these destinations and enjoy their individual characters and unique experiences.

Below is a short summary of each destination from south to north starting near the Luleå airport on the Swedish Lapland coast and finishing in the high mountains on the border with Norway. Information on Kittelfjäll in the south east corner of Swedish Lapland is coming soon. To review example experience programs go here.
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Luleå & the Archipelago
Just to the north of Luleå, on the coast of the Bay of Bothnia, lies the island of Brändön, which is in turn part of a 1200 island archipelago that is sparsely populated and home to a wide variety of wildlife and beautiful nature. In winter the sea around the islands freezes up to a meter thick and becomes a fantastic playground for all manner of winter activities including dogsledding, snowmobiling, cross country and north lights and wildlife watching to name but a few. In the summer the mild climate on the baltic coast is warm and green and in the Autumn the colors shift to red and gold. In these two seasons we enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing and boating. Just outside of the village there are two small scale and very personal lodges. The first is Brändön Lodge which has a central log cabin style lodge with restaurant, lounges etc plus fifteen small two bedroom timber cabins.The second is Pine Bay Lodge which is in the traditional Swedish timber cottage style and with only 5 double rooms and 4 single rooms it is by its very nature a personal experience where your hosts take great care of you. A little further out into the archipelago is the island of Hindersön and the very Swedish Jopikgården.
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Råne River Valley
About an hours drive to the north of Luleå is a river valley wandering through he forest with a number of small quaint villages in close proximity. The villages of Sörbyn, Lassbyn, Gunnersbyn and Övrestbyn have a long history of forestry but today have a much broader demographic seeking an ideal lifestyle. Our favourite small lodge, Arctic Retreat, is a very small and personal venue with three luxury timber log cabins in amongst 2-3 smaller timber buildings on an beautiful bend in the Råneå River. Here you will join in the arctic lifestyle of the young family who own the lodge. Each day will be spent enjoying great food and short activities in the beautiful nature around the camp. In nearby Sörbyn village are our friends at Sörbyn Lodge who offer a relatively large 8 hotels standard rooms and 5 timber cabins. Their full size restaurant is very well known for its cuisine and as with Arctic Retreat their is a wide range of local activity providers summer, Autumn and Winter.
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It is only an hour to the north west from Luleå to the small village of Harads on the banks of the mighty Luleå river. Harads is perhaps one of the best known of all Swedish villages as it is home to the Treehotel. Treehotel is now one of the worlds most famous design hotels due to its incredible unique design combined with environmentally friendly culture and amazing, personal all year round experiences. These experiences available in this village have grown dramatically with the development of the Treehotel and the variety and quality is the equal of any destination. Harads is also so to see the development of its second world class unique accommodation with the newly complete Arctic Bath.
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Laponia is a large mountainous wildlife and cultural area in north western Sweden. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 after the majority (95%) of the area had been protected since the early 20th century in the form of large national parks and nature reserves. The area was made a heritage site for both natural and cultural reasons. The total area is about 9,400 square kilometres (3,600 sq mi), making it the world's largest unmodified nature area to be still cultured by indigenous peoples, and in this case the reindeer herding Sami people. The very best way to experience the nature and culture of Laponia is to join Lennart Pittja and his reindeer herding family at Sapmi Nature Camp. In the Autumn and Winter you can experience down to earth and genuine days staying in traditional Laavu tents (teepees) that have been fitted out to a very high standard. More clamping than camping. In this region we also have some great summer accommodation and out of this world hiking and fishing opportunities at Saltoluokta and StoraSjöfället.

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Jukkasjärvi is an historic village on the banks of the Torne River only a short transfer from the Kiruna airport. This village has deep history in the Sami culture as a meeting place and today they welcome people from around the world to experience some of Swedish Laplands best experiences. Here we find Sweden's (and perhaps the worlds) most famous hotel. This is the original Icehotel. The Icehotel has been rebuilt on the banks of the Torne river every year for close to 30 years and remains the standard in terms of art and design and quality despite any number of copy cat snow hotels who have arrived in recent years. The Icehotel also a large number of hotel rooms and cabins where guests and sleep "warm" all year round. In 2017 the Icehotel launched its latest innovation in the form of solar powered all year round "cold" Art suites and Luxury Suites which means that you can enjoy the experience of sleeping in an ice room all year round. The Icehotel has a broad range of year round activities to complete your stay. Jukkasjärvi also boasts one of the regions finest private Lodges. The Fjellborg Arctic Lodge is of the highest standard of quality and service and their all inclusive packages include fantastic winter activities such as dogsledding, snowmobiling.
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Abisko is a small village in the mountains close to the Swedish/Norwegian border. It is famous firstly for the very high chances of seeing the northern lights during the Autumn and Winter to the extent that it has become a priority destination for northern lights seekers from across the world. It is also well known as the start of the Kings trail, Swedens longest hiking trail, and has some excellent skiing at Björkliden and Riksgränsen in the late winter and spring. There is a wide variety of accommodation options in the area from hostel to 5 star hotels and we recommend Abisko Mountain Lodge, Björkliden Fjällby and Niehku Mountain Villa.