Pine Bay Lodge - Active 3 nights
Pine Bay Lodge - 3 nights

Pine Bay Lodge is located just north of Luleå overlooking a lake surrounded by forest and the archipelago. With a total of approximately 1,250 islands and only 100, residents the archipelago is a unique wilderness environment. In summer this is a warm and sunny region, one of the sunniest in Sweden and a paradise for activities such as swimming, fishing, boating and kayaking. In the winter however the sea around the island freezes up to a meter thick and becomes a playground for activities such as snowmobiling, dog-sledding and even hovercraft tours.

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Day One - Friday

Arrive at Luleå airport on your inbound flights. Here you will be greeted by our team and shown to your transfer for the 30 minute guided transfer to Pine Bay Lodge.

Pine Bay Lodge - 3 nights

Pine Bay Lodge Lodge is located to the north of Luleå on the coast of Swedish Lapland. The lodge is very traditional with a homely feel and boasts 9 hotel style rooms (5 double/twin and 4 single), all well renovated and with ensuite. To the side of the lodge is also a family cabin that has two double rooms, one single room and shared facilities. The centre of the lodge is a large open plan dining and lounge room with a big fireplace where guests can relax. There is also a sauna facility that guests can book to complete the living Swedish experience. Guests are able to purchase wine and beer on location. The first afternoon is well spent getting to know us, selecting your warm winter clothing and relaxing. A delicious Dinner awaits you in the restaurant before you head out for the first evenings activity. Winter clothing is provided to all guests.

Northern Lights Tour - 2 hours
A two-hour search for the northern lights where your nature guide will teach you about the fantastic natural phenomenon and the science behind it. In this activity you sit in a snowmobile drawn sled filled with reindeer pelts and warm blankets. Our guides drive the snowmobiles that are pulling the sleds as we search for the Northern Lights. We head out across the frozen sea and move from island to island. On the way we will stop regularly and the guides will inform you about the local nature (including sea, forest and wildlife) as well as their arctic lifestyle. We will also stop and learn to make a fire in the snow to boil tea, coffee or chocolate and nourished by a warm cake and wait for the Aurora.

Day Two - Saturday
Nordic Winter Skills

Winter life in Swedish Lapland is made comfortable by learning how to dress, behave and enjoy nature in the cold. We change into warm outdoor clothing and go outside to strap on your snowshoes. Our guides will take you on a 3-hour journey into the forests near the lodge and lead you through an adventurous and educational excursion. You will learn how use the snowshoes, make a fire in the snow and how to make tea and coffee over your open fire. During the excursion your guide will convey stories about their arctic life and you will learn about the forest, sea and wildlife of Sweden’s northernmost region. At lunchtime you will take a break in a traditional Sami teepee, where together we will make a typical outdoor wilderness lunch. Here, on the reindeer pelts you will enjoy your meal around the fire and then relax. In Swedish Lapland it is important to relax, discuss, enjoy and appreciate our special environment.

Day Three - Sunday
Free day

Today you will be free to enjoy and explore the Lodge, the frozen sea and local attractions. If the local conditions are adequate we will even be able to offer a dog-sledding tour as per the information below.

Optional Activities

Dogsledding 2 hours Self drive We offer exciting dog-sledding tours just outside Luleå at Brändön near where the husky farm is located. The tours go over ice covered lakes and through the wild forest, offering us great opportunities to vary this ancient way of travelling on snow and ice. With our highly skilled sled-guides and well trained, friendly dogs - Alaskan Husky - we provide a high quality, unforgettable nature-experience. On this tour you will 2 people per sled and taking turns driving your own small team of dogs. What to bring: Outdoor clothing and shoes for the season.
Snowmobile tour 2 hours
A two hour nature focused tour by snowmobile through Luleå's snow-covered forests and over its frozen sea and lakes. This guided nature tour takes you to some of our most beautiful places with great views and opportunities to spot wildlife. Our nature guides will meet you by the lodge for a briefing about the days adventure. Safety instructions are given as well as background information regarding what we are about to experience. Our main focus being the regions nature, people and culture and the history of the area. We use modern snowmobiles as our transportation. This is the natural way for locals to move around the forest and over the frozen lakes as they go about their daily life. The nature guides will lead you along the established snowmobile trails so that you have an easy experience and we leave a minimal impact on our environment. We will stop regularly to take in the tranquillity of the arctic nature and our local guides will give you an insight into their way of life and visit some of their favourite places. Along the narrow trails stops are made for tea and coffee and lunch and the guide will tell you about the surroundings.

Day Four - Monday

Today your will have time to relax and a walk before departing at 10:00 on your transfer to Luleå airport for your flight home.

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Customer prices:
3 night program Twin share. Full Board (3 course dinners)
Optional: 2 hour Drive your own dog sledding tour, 2 per sled
Optional: Nature 2 hour tour by snowmobile, 2 per snowmobile
Optional: Nature 4 hour tour by snowmobile, 2 per snowmobile (after jan 6)
Winter clothing including overalls, boots hat and gloves are included at Pine Bay Lodge.

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